Customer Experience


The after sale is basically the most important thing to be considered when it comes to a new sale. Whether you are selling watches, flowers, coaching, subscription boxes, healing services or whatever, it is crucial to build a strong onboarding process and at the same time, new customer nurture campaign. The reason for this is that, it costs 5x as much in attractive new customers than keeping the existing.

What is meant by this customer experience, loyal customers are likely to buy over and again and it is a lot cheaper to sell them instead of trying to sell to a new person. The best way of making customers loyal is starting out strong from the get go with clear onboarding process and wonderful customer journey.

Let’s start it first on how to attract new clients. This may be a welcome letter, a welcome packet, series of emails, welcome phone call, it simply can be various other things. There are actually several questions that you have to be mindful about to create an onboarding process that is strong and effective like what experience you want for your new customers to have, how do you like them to feel, what are logical next steps, what do you wish them to do, how could they get the support they need, how much of that experience may be automated and what is their specific needs.

On the other hand, it does not end in welcoming them onboard. What you could put in place so by that, your customers are taken care of? What could you do so people will come back to you and to your company over and over for what they need? Among those means is through nurture campaign. In onboarding process, you have told your new customers on what things to expect and some of the next steps but now, let us support them at higher level and make them pleased.

There are several things as well that has to be given proper consideration when it comes to customer experience like you want to keep their excitement of buying flowing, how can you be sure of the success of new customer in your program or with her purchase, how to make them want more of your product or service.

The most significant takeaway for you is designing an incredible customer experience for new customers. Think of what you wish your new customers to feel and experience and put those pieces in place. Know about user experience platform here!


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